Crescent Super Band  001


“I am always impressed with the amazing level of the Soundhouse bands that demonstrates the organization’s commitment to education.   As an educator myself, I am confident Caleb’s innovations and vision are sure to impact not only music education, but the industry as a whole.”
– Steve Smith, Legendary Drummer of Journey

“When I listen to the Soundhouse’s Crescent Super Band, I hear a lot of things: powerful musicianship with fresh energy, technical expertise, soulful delivery, artistic depth, and confidence… It’s just unbelievable. The future of music is in good hands.”
– Dave Matthews, GRAMMY-winning recording artist

“Caleb runs his ensembles like true professional groups. After performing with them for a full house at Carnegie Hall, I am amazed not only at their incredible performance level, but also their attitude and energy.  He is an inspiring teacher and brings out the best in his students.  If Caleb represents the future of music education, it is in good hands.”
– David Sanborn, Six-time GRAMMY Winning Saxophonist

“Caleb has been influential on Utah music for 3 decades now. He goes the extra mile to make sure music programs are always available to Utah’s young musicians.”
– Branden Campbell of the Neon Trees


“My daughter has only been with you for a couple months. My goal for her was not just to play music, but to fall in love with it – and you’ve accomplished just that. Thank you!”
-Tim Kapp, Parent

“You have had a personal impact on our son beyond words. The opportunity to learn from you, play with his true peers in music and perform for thousands of people around the country has just been awesome. But most of all, your friendship, support and mentorship are the most valuable things he will take away from the Soundhouse.”
– Kelly Olsen, Parent

“What did my son learn at the Soundhouse?  A great work ethic, social skills, time management, stress management, responsibility, professionalism, and what it feels like to do something truly amazing . . . oh, and music too!”
-Julie Veloo, Parent


“I can’t imagine my life without the Soundhouse bands.  The whole experience has truly shaped who I am, not just as a musician, but also as an individual.”
-Suzy Lind-Nichols, Former Soundhouse Musician

“Being a member of Caleb’s bands has allowed me to demand the very best from myself.  And as an added benefit, I have made the best friends of my life!”
– Chris Croce, Former Soundhouse Musician

“The skills of dedication, hard work, leadership, and perseverance that I’ve learned through my years at the Soundhouse are ones I will use for the rest of my life.”
-Nathan Adamson, Former Soundhouse Musician